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How to Send Email Through Gmail Using Libcurl

I needed to send an e-mail through my C++ program and was able to do it using Libcurl. Since I had a hard time initially, I decided to share the following with you. Download libcurl First download libcurl. I found binaries for my OS, Mac OSX, with some instructions on how to unpackage it making  Full Article…


10 Articles Read Throughout the Web [2/5/12]

I’ve always meant to share with you all the interesting things I read around the internet and here it is (even pictures I’ve taken before!). They mostly come from browsing Hacker New‘s RSS feed. Featured Articles A brief guide to Tech Internships for CS students – Awesome advice for those seeking tech internships. My advice?  Full Article…


Facebook’s 2012 Hacker Cup

Facebook announced today their annual Facebook Hackathon where programmers from around the world pit their skills against each other to claim a $5,000 and title of the World Champion to the Top Hacker as their prize. Are you up to it? The Facebook Hackathon consists of three online rounds with their finals taking care at  Full Article…


Merry Christmas from Talk Binary With a New Blog Layout!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I was meaning to switch to an even cleaner layout for Talk Binary and recently (just today!) came across to doing so. I haven’t completed added all the functionality I wanted to yet to the site, so sit tight! For example, I need  Full Article…