Merry Christmas from Talk Binary With a New Blog Layout!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

I was meaning to switch to an even cleaner layout for Talk Binary and recently (just today!) came across to doing so.

I haven’t completed added all the functionality I wanted to yet to the site, so sit tight! For example, I need to fix up the navigation and determine what should go on the sidebar. Do you have any suggestions? Anything you might find helpful? Our previous layout had the featured posts dead center and I’m thinking of placing simply links in the navigation this time around.

I also am reducing the amount of advertisements. I figured a cleaner layout with less distraction should make the user more welcome. I would get rid of advertisements all together, but they have been paying the server bills at GoDaddy, which hasn’t made me happy since they back up SOPA.

I know I wasn’t that great at updating the site much this later part of the year. To be honest, I was wrapping up my Masters at UCLA. Since I finished with courses this past Fall, I just have to finish my Masters project which should allow me to also focus on other things before I officially graduate this Winter quarter.

I plan on sharing more of my iOS project I’ve been coding using Cocos2d and several other awesome tools. If you want to be updated with how far along I’m doing with my game, subscribe!

Also, I watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and I recommend everyone to go see it! It’s fun!

Happy Holidays!!