TalkBinary around the Web: Weekly Recap 8/15/2010

Ok, so I missed the one last week. It only happened because I’ve been currently busy moving my stuff from my old place since the lease is over. Did you know moving out is stressful? It is. It taught me to think twice about making another purchase since I mounted a large amount of clutter that I ended up throwing out. I gave away books, headphones, computer parts, DDR pads, and whole lot of junk!

Anyways, if you check out my Skribit profile, you will see my upcoming articles and you can suggest them as well. I was putting them off for some time since I couldn’t find images to go with them. That’s until I discovered that Flickr Creative Commons Search I could find images I could use on my website as long as I give credit to their authors. It’s an awesome resource since the quality and quantity of images are superb. Either way, if you are a photographer and want to provide images of my upcoming content, check out my Skribit and Contact us to let us know you are interested.

So keep checking us out, I’ll be throwing in some news on Computer Science, tutorials, guides, and articles in the next few days! Things should keep getting more interesting. So just remember to feel free and write some comments. I recently installed Disqus comments so it gives you several options in order to leave a comment, so fire away!

Below are the articles and websites that I enjoyed the most this past week. To keep updated, sign up for our RSS feed or Subscribe by E-mail. You can even stay updated by following us on Twitter and becoming a fan of our Facebook page.

Weekly Readings

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