How to use a PS3 Controller On Your PC

Have you ever dreamt of using your PS3 controller on your PC? Well, dream no more because its possible!


Using your PS3 Controller on your PC

It’s recommended to have Windows XP or higher. It’s also been able to be used on a Mac via Boot Camp.

1. First of all download the driver and install the filter driver (libusb-win32-filter-bin-

2. Unpack the ps3sixasis_en.

3. Plug the SIXASIS to your PC via the USB charging cable provided with your PS3.

4. Run ps3sixasis_en.exe once.

5. Push the PS button the SIXAXIS once if your computer doesn’t recognize it.


1. How do I know its working?
Simply go to Windows -> Control Panel -> Joysticks. It should be labeled as a joystick.

2. The lights are flashing!
Don’t worry, simply check to see if its recognized and if it works. It worked fine for me even though the lights were flashing. I tested it out using SNES9x and DualShock 3 with no problem.

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  • vansh luthra

    x/o/square/triangle are not working on Pc.please elp

  • G1tana

    ok I had this problem and I found that if you press the ps button so the lights are flashing when you connect to usb cable it works fine

  • haha

    I cant instal the libusb!!!

  • Anonymous

    What happens when you try to install it?

  • Www Nukethem310

    IT didn’t woooorrrrkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twice!!!!

  • James Green

    it doesnt work, i plugged in the controller and i double clicked on the program and the cmd comes up and goes away and then i press the ps button and i look at my tv and its not charging and also idk how to even tell if its charging or if the ps3 is spose to be on and i even tried with it being off and i tried turning off the controller, plugging it in running the program again, then pressing the ps button seeing it flash but it never connected and a pop up near the clock keeps saying USB Device Not Recognized so help me please.

  • Jomie2792

    i got same prob dat is the button is mess up but it work fine after i reset it….
    i hope u can try this…..

  • alex

    why would you want this though… one of the ups to computer gaming is being able to use a mouse instead of a joystick…..


    YOO ALAX !!

  • Guest

    There is a better way. Just google DS3 tool, find a good tutorial on the web and it will work with ALL of the most recent games (wolfenstein, Call of Duty, metro 233, etc). Just at tip, make sure that you have it set as an xbox 360 controller otherwise it won’t work properly.

    enjoy :D

  • Technology review
  • Guest

    (64 bit) vista) i just went into DOS mode entered    C:*.*
    Yeah straight after that, when it rebooted
    I plugged my ps3 controller in and worked perfect!
    The ps3 logo came up,had a icon,which i clicked ok.
    Then a menu came up with a whole list of games(to many to list)via internet.
    Hope it helped.

  • Omar Marte

    i have a problem, i already connected the ps3 controller, when i go to test it, it works fine, but when im going to play i game it doesnt work, what should i do? please help