StepMania – Dance Dance Revolution PC Clone

Love Dance Dance Revolution but hate only playing it at the arcades? Then grab StepMania! A free PC clone of the popular dancing game. This game is great for hanging out with friends, or even trying it out. The best things in life are free right? So what are you waiting for and start steppin’!

Dance Dance Revolution finds its way onto PC

That’s right. You can head over to StepMania and download the game for free. You will only have to download the song packs separately.

The game remains true to the formula and provides the same experience. You may choose difficulty, play with a partner, or play using the various modes they have available. Don’t want to play using the keyboard? Then stick around, we’ll post how you can connect the dance pads to your computer!

Screenshots of StepMania in action

As you may see, the screen shots look very familiar to its DDR counterpart.

A video of Stepmania

Show us your videos once you get this good!

Need help?

Can’t find or are too lazy to look for the song packs? Then leave a comment, I’ll gladly post the hundreds of songs I have if anyone wants them.

It only takes practice in order to learn so what are you waiting for?

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  • syarafina r

    please help me. how do i get the game in the your screen shots stepmania 001… the one that shows ‘beginner, light, standard, heavy’. please give me step by step as i am a first-timer. thanx

    • Talk Binary

      You simply download the game and it should lead you to that section if you simply follow the menu selection screen, unless they updated the game which I doubt. Either way you can change the difficulty on the song selection screen so it really doesn’t matter too much.

      Let me know how it goes.

  • Gloria Hayward

    Iv’e been looking everywhere for songs. I only the dance pad for pc. Please list the songs or tell me where I can download them from. Thanks